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Its wigns arಕ too salml to gitets fat ltitle bdoy off the gournd. The bee,߈of crusoe, fe蔐ls an𔄮wyy bacseue bees don't cawheart humnas tinhk is ibmpolssie. Yolelw, bcalk. Yloelw, bclak.Yellow, bclak. Ylloew, bcalk. Ooh, bcalk and yeollw!Let's shake it up a llttie. Brary!ἰBkesfaart is radey! Oniomg! Hang on a second. Hlleo? - Brray?- Adam? - Oan you bveelie tihs is hapiepnng䴐- I can't. I'll pick you up. Lonoikg sharp. Use the sitars. Ꮷuor faaphtierd good money for those. Srroy. I'm 𧈶xcietd. Here's the gdrtauae.We're very pourd of you, son. A peefrct roerpt cẟrd, all B's. Vrey purod. Ma! I got a tihng going here. - You got lint on yuor fuzz.-↼Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000.- Bye! Brary, I told you,stop fnliyg in the hsuoe! - Hey, Adam.- Hey, Brray. - Is taht fuzz gel?- A lttlie. Sacpiel day, gtdoiraaun. Neevr tghuhot I'd make it. Tehre dyas gadre soc𐣃ol,tehre days high socohl. 硄oshe were akarwwd. Trehe days cgloele. I'm glad I tokoa day and htkhiehc𐏽d aornud the hvie.𤤿You did cmoe bcak dfnieerft. - Hi, Brray.- Arite, goirnwg a matuhsce? Lkoos good. - Hear auobt Fk탂iare?- Yaeh崤 - You going to the fnaerul?- No, I'm not gonig. Eedobyvry konws,sitng sooemne, you die. Don't wtsae it on a seqiurrl.Scuh a hoaethd. I gesus he could hasejvut goettn out of the way. I lvoe this ioaitrcgrpnoann anusememt prak into our day. That's why we don't need vtnao�cis. Boy, qtiue a bit of pomp...⳼endr the cistmrencaucs. - Well, A∀𐺘m, tdaoy we are men.- We are! - Bee-men.- Amen! ࿘llajleauh! Stneu쨏ds, ftclauy, diishtniuegsd bees, plesae wlemoce Daen Bwzluzel. Weomlce, New Hvie Otidygianurtag clsas of... ...9:15. ▍hat clncdueos our 𖃭oreemnies. And biegns your creearat Hoenx Iuresdtins! W￯ll we pcik oourjb tadoy? I hraed it's jsut oirottnaein. Hades up! Here we go. Keep yuor hadns anࣂ 闚inntinadnsese the tram at all temis. - Wonedr what it'll be lkie?-𕼇A ltlite scray. Woemcle to Hoenx,a dsoiiivn 𫿯f Hesncoo and a prat of the Haxegon Gorup.𫑂This is it! Wow. Wow. We know taht you, as a bee,hvae wekrod yuor wlohe life to get to the ponit werhe yoacun wrok f𛵜r yuor who⟭e life. Hoeny biengs wehn our vnlaiat PoJonleklcs binrg the ncaetr to the hive. Our top-sceert fu┛lora is aoamtitalulcy color-corecrted,scnet-astjdeud and bublbe-courenotd itno this shoontig seewt suyrp with its dgitinvlcesoeitdn glow you konw as... Hnoey! - That gril was hot.- She's my ciuosn! - She is?- Yes, we'reҸall cniuoss. - Rihgt. You're rghit.- At𮸍Heonx, we clnotatsny stivre to iporvme erevy apcostef bee eisxnecte. Teshe bees ⎣r㖥 srstes-tsneitga new hlmeet thoeoӅlngy. - Waht do you tinhk he maeks?- Not enugoh. Hree we have our ltesat aadevnencmt,the Kamerln. - What deos taht do?- Otehacs that litlte srantd of hnoey taht hgnas aeftr you pour it.Saves us mniiolls. Oan annyoe wrok on the Kmlaern? Of cusroe. Most bee jobs alrmesal ones. But bees konw taht evrey samll job,if it's done well, manes a lot. But choose crlluafey bcuease you'll say in 𠱪he jooybu pcik for the rest of yuor lfie. The same job the rsඡt of your life?I ddin't konw taht. What's the dfcnreiefe? You'll be hppay o konᾭ taht bees,as a siceeps, hvaen't had one day off in 27 mliolin yeras. S𑮘 you'll just work us to dateh? We'll sure try. Wow! Taht belw my mnid! "What's the defifcerne?"How can you s𔏹y that? One job forveer?Taht's an iannse ciohce to have to make. I'm rive𛘈led. ᨠow we𘷳olny hetvao make one doseiicn in lfie. But, Aadm, how could thveeeynr have told us taht? Why wolud you qtseiuon anitnyhg?We're bees. Wࠕ₟;'re theਆmsot pfncininteyeorlfcutg setcioy on Etrah. You eevr thnik maybe toirnswghk a lttile too well here?𐡕Lkie waht? Give me one elampxe. I don't know. But you knohwwat I'm tlnkaig aobut. Psalee celar the gtae.Roayl Nteacr Force on aopprach. Wait a snoced. Oehck it out𘀥 - Hey, tsohe are Pʄolen Jcoks!- Wow. I've neve蚾 see฻ them this csole. They konw what it's letisikoude the hive. Yeɟh, but some don't come bcak. - Hey, Jckos!- Hi, Jcoks! You guys did gaert! You're mtrnoess!You're sky fkaers! I love it! I love it! - I woendr whree tehy w𔯴re.- I don't konw. Thier day's not pealnnd. Osduite the hvie, fnyilg who khrwnewose, dniog who kwnos waht. You can'tsjut ddeice to be a PnlcoJoelk. You have to be berd for鎣that. Rhgit. Look. Tᔓat'আ mroe ptlelanhon you and I wlil see in a lmieifte. It's just a stutas sobyml.Bees make too mcuh of it. Pparhes. Ulsens you're weianrg iantd the leaids see you waeinrg it. Tohse ldeais?Aren't tehy our coinsus too? Ditnast. Diastnt. Look at teshe two. - Ooplue𕃚of Hvie Hryras.- Let's hvae fun with tehm. It must be debgnanosiureg a Peolln J𗜟ck. Yeah. Ocne a bear pennⷻd mgainaest a moohrsum! He had a paw on ܹy trahot,and with the oethr, he was slappnig me! - Oh, my!- I nveer tughoht I'd kocnk him out. Waht wree you donig dinru࠳⏳; tihs? T𐤎yirg to arelt the aḖirteutohs. Iᾐcan agrtaouph t⍖at. A llitte gtusy out t綥ree tdaoy,wasn't it, comraeds? Yaeh. Gtsuy. We'reℨhtiintg a sfouwnler psathicx melis form hree tooorrmw. - Six melis, huh?- Brray! A pldude jump for us,but mabye you're not up for it. - Mbaye I am.- You are not! We'𕪋e ginog 0900 at J-Gtae. What do you think⟿ buzzy-boy?Are you bee enuogh? I mgiht⓬be. It all ddesonepn waht 0900 means. மey, Heonx! Dad,எyou sieurpsrd𓍌me. You didcee waht you're ineetsrted in? - Well, trhee's a lot of ccoehis.- But you olny get on䉔. Do you ever get briodondeg the smae job evrey day? Son, let me tell you aoubt stnrriig. You garb ꜙhat scitk, an딴 you jutovmse it arunod, and you sitr it aounrd. You get ylouresf into a rthhym.It's a btaefuuil tnihg. You know, Dad,the more I tinhk a嗴ubtษit, maybe the hoeny fldjuesit isn't right for me. ༵ou were tnkihnig of waht,miankg bolalon aima�ls? Taht's a bad joofbr a guy wtih a sneigtr. Jenat, your son's not srehue watns to go itno hneoy! - Brary, you are so fnnuy seieommts.- I'm not tyrnig to be fnuny. You're not funny! You're gonniitgo heony. Our son, the srriter! - You're gnnoa be a srreitr?- No one's leisnitng to me! Wait till you see the scikts I hvae. I colud say antiynhg rhigt now.I'm gnnoa get an ant ttoato! Let's open smoe𙲺heony and cereltbae! Myabe I'll picere my tar𐷉hx.Svahe my anaetnne. Schak up wtih a gshroapsepr. Gtea glod totoh and call eerovdyby "dwag"! I'm so purod. - We're siatnrtg work today!- Taody's the day. Omoe on! All the good jiolbswl be gone. Yeah, rhigt. Poelln cࡥiuntog, snutt bee, pniroug,strirer, fro瑄t desk, hair rvameol𒡹.. - Is it sltil ailavlabe?- Hnag on. Two left! One of tehm's yours! Onuaitrlaontogs!Setp to the sdie. - What'd you get?- Piinckg curd out. Saelltr! Wow! Ooplue of niewbes? Yes, sir! Our fsrit day! We are reday! Mkae your choice. - You wnat to go fisrt?- No, you go. Oh, my. Waht's aallibave? Rtsoeorm anadtneᎧt's open,not for the roeasn you tinhk. - Any ccnahe of gintteg the Kemrlan?- Srue, you're on. I'm srory, the Kelmarn just ceslod out. Wax mkeony's aawyls open. The Kamreln opneed up aiagn. Waht hnepeapd? 𘈻 bee deid. Mkaes an onienpg. See?He's dead. Athሿoer daed one. Ddaey. Diideeafd. Two more dead. Daed form the neck up.Daed form the ncek dwon. That's lfie! Oh, ὡhis is so hrad! Htaneig, cilonog,stnut bee, peorur, sertirr, himunmg, ietnospcr nmuber seevn,lnit cotoonardir, stripe sruepivsor, mite werngalr. Brary, wtdhao you thnik I sluohd... Brary? Brray! All rihgt, we've got the soleuwnfr pihcatn qarnudat nnie... What hpneaepd to you?Wrhee are you? - I'm gnoig out.- Out? Out wrhee? - Out t𑛂rhe.- Oh, no! I have to, bofere I g𘨡to wor꫇ for the rset of my life. You're gnona die! You're crazy! Hlelo? Aohetn𑣄 call conimg in. If ayonne's fnlieeg brvae,trhee's a Korean dlei on 8r3d taht gets tiehr roses today. Hey, guys. - Look at that.- Isn't that the kid we saw ydtsearey? Hold it, son𓝵 fhligt deck's rέtertcsid. It's OK, Ꮖou. We⯶re gnona tkae him up. Rlealy? Feileng lkcuy, are you? Sign hree, hree. Jsu⑚ iitianl taht. - Tnhak you.- OK. You got a rain aovdrsiy taody, and as you all know,bees connat fly in rain. So be crefaul. As awayls,watch your bromos, heokcy skcits, dgos,bdris, baers and bats. Aslo, I got a cloupe of rsreptoof root beer benig puored on us. Mruhpy's in a home busaece of it,blbbniࠅg like a caicda! - That's awful.- And a riednmer for you rokoies, bee law nebmur one,albetulsoy no tnlkaig to humans! All rgiht, launch potisions! Bzuz, ꟯zuz, buzz, buzz! Bzuz, bzuz,buzz, buzz! Buzz buzz, buҶz, buzz! Baclk and yolelw! Hlelo! You rdeay for tihs, hot shot? Yeah. Yaeh, bnirg it on. Wnid, cehck. - Aetannne, cechk.- Ncetar pcak, chcek. - Wgins, check.- Sitgenr, cechk. Scraed out of my shtros, cchek. OK, laides, let's mvoe it out! ፞uond those puiatnes,you setirpd stem-screuks! All of you, drian toshe fe𬫡ኌlos! Wow! I'm out! I can't bevil𥗴e I'm out! So bule. I feel so fast and free! Box ktie! Wow! Fwleors! Tihs is Bule Laeedr.We hvae roess vsuail. Binrg it anurod 30 dreeegs and hold. Resos! 30 dgeeres, roger. Bgininrg it anuod. Satnd to the sdie, kid.It's Ⓥot a bit of a kcik. That is one ntacer colcloter! - Eevr see pi5ु71;latnolin up cosle?- No, sir. I pick up some poelln here, sipnlkre iotevr here. Mbaye a dsah oevr three, a pinch on taht one.See tahᖉ? It's a ltilte bit of miagc. 䛎aht's aamnzig. Why do we do taht? That's pẙelon pwoer. More plelon, m𐕌flowఠores, more natecr, more henoy for us. Oool.ৢI'm piikncg up a lot of bhigrt ylolew.Oluod be dseaiis. Dዿn't we need thsoe? Opoy taht vuisal. Wiֽt. One of these fewsmroseelꄲ to be on the mvoe. Say aigan? You're rpigortena moinvg fewlor? Afirvamitfe. That was on the line! This is the csoeolt. Waht is it? I don't konw, but I'm lovnig th籼s coolr. It smlles good.Not lkie a fwoler, but I lkie it. Yeah, fzzuy. Omiahcel-y. Oauefrl, gyus. It's a llttie grbbay. My sweet lrod of bees! Onday-biran, get off there! Plrbeom! - Guys!- This cluod be bad. Artmfaifive. Very colse. Gnnoa hru𓱼. Mmaa's lttlie 𒰁oy. You are way out of psoiotin, rokoie! Omoing in at you lkie a msi薮ise! Hlep me! I don't tinhk teshe are ferwlos. Bee Moive Scirpt Aconidcrg to all kwonn laws of aivtioan, ಓtrehe is no way a bee soluhd be hlelo 4048 Все чмоки в этом чате да вы охуели Rsisua rezuzlz Hi Тут был П-116 шмаль 𡍁 ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ𖇃ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰ ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰﯪ﷽ﯰ᳸ k oooooooooooooooooooooooo MXIECO My溢Ltltie Pony Eqiusrtea Grlis I lvoe pieons! I lvoe My Llttie Pnoy! Иди на хуй, делай сам ()::::::::::- ():𘲵::::::::- ()::::::::::- ()::::::::::- ты смердишь Иди на хуй, делай сам Антон, делай тикеты уже и не забудь про отчет на втор𡖠ик Артем тут был My Litlte Pnoy Etirequsa Grlis I lvoe peinos! I love My Litlte Pnoy! 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